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While most other drug development efforts start with a specific biological target or focus on researching a single disease, we take a unique approach.

Our scientific platform starts with identifying multiple rare diseases with unmet medical needs that share a common pathobiology. This enables us to discover and develop therapeutics that can treat numerous rare diseases with a single therapy.

Each of our programs is designed to address multiple rare diseases and represents a pipeline-in-a-product opportunity.

We are driven by the possibilities of novel biology.

Our team takes on the challenge of interrogating novel biology to develop first-in-class antibody therapeutics. We are highly experienced in developing human disease models to examine disease biology and demonstrate preclinical efficacy.

We act with great urgency.

Our team applies creativity to expedite clinical development. We take action to quickly validate a scientific idea and achieve rapid proof-of-concept. Our first program progressed from an idea to first-in-human studies in less than three years. It is on an accelerated path to clinical proof-of-concept across multiple orphan indications.

We do not let unknowns deter our focus.

Many rare diseases have limited data demonstrating disease course and epidemiology, which can be a barrier to developing treatments. We conduct natural history studies and partner with advocacy organizations to support proper diagnosis and enable all involved to appreciate the unmet need and value of treatment.


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